Program 2017

28 September 2017 // Amsterdam

[13.00 – 14.00] Kick-off @ Amsterdam (location to be announced…)

Start your day with other like minded startups before you head off to meet investors. Don’t miss an inspiring keynote and welcome speeches to pump you up for the day.

[14.00 – 18.00]  Bike tour from investor to investor

Hop on your bike to visit investors and other finance wizards at their HQ’s in the city of Amsterdam. In groups of ten, your guide will take you and fellow startups to a selection of three of the most relevant investors for an informal Q&A. Tip: Figure out beforehand what you would like to ask the investors! 

[18.00 – 20.00] Drinks and Networking Dinner @ The Student Hotel

This is your time to put to use what you learned on the tour and in your Q&A’s. Dive deeper with the investors and have those important conversations!

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