Program 2017

28 September 2017 // Amsterdam

[13.00 – 14.00] Kick-off @ The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Kickstart your day with other like minded startups before you head off to meet investors. Don’t miss an inspiring keynote and welcome speeches to pump you up for the day.

[14.00 – 18.00]  Bike tour from investor to investor

Hop on your bike to visit investors and other finance wizards at their HQ’s in the city of Amsterdam. In groups of ten, your guide will lead the way for you and fellow startups to a selection of three of the most relevant investors for an informal Q&A. Tip: Do your homework and figure out beforehand what you would like to ask the investors!


Which investors will I visit?
We joined forces with NetworkTables! NetworkTables provides founders the opportunity to make their own choice in which tour they would like to join. Also, investors gain more insight into your online profile using the platform! Full=Full, so get your ticket before we open up our tours & routes!

[18.00 – 21.00] Drinks and Networking Dinner @ The Pool

This is your time to put to use what you learned on the tour and in your Q&A’s. Follow up with the investors you’ve met during the day and get ready for some new introductions. Dive deeper with the investors and have those important conversations!


Meet the startups who applied for the Xplore US contest! This evening RVO and a jury of investors and experts will announce which startup wins a trip to Boston for a 10-day accelerator program.

Meet our Investors!

Check out our selection of participating investors opening their doors September 28th! These participating investors are all established Business Angels, VCs, Corporate Venture Funds and other finance wizards, willing to open their doors to startup founders looking for funding.
More to be announced soon!

Looking for: SaaS, Marketplaces & Data startups | Participation: Early stage | Investing: Smart capital & hands-on support

Johan van Mil

Looking for: IoT & online software startups | Participation: Invests with skills to build and grow companies.

Michael van Lier

Investors(angels) looking for: Startups in all industries who would like to raise funding through angels | Participation: Seed Investing

Rutger Kemper

Looking for: Education, Health Care, Biotechnology, Hardware, FinTech, AI, Security, Smart Cities Startups | Participation: Seed- and early-stage investing

Ray Quintana

Investors (angels) looking for: Startups in all kinds of industries | Participation: Early stage investing

Jaap Dekter

Looking for: Clean- & HighTech, Smart Industry, Safety & Security & Health startups | Participation: Early stage - Series A investing

Marty le Clercq

Looking for: Sustainable Tech Startups | Participation: Seed- and early-stage investing

Laura Rooseboom

Looking for: B2B Entreprise Software Startups | Participation: Early stage - Series A investing

Mathijs de Wit

Looking for: Ambitious startups that aim for growth | Participation: up to €50.000

Jelle Kerkdijk

Looking for: Media & B2C startups | Participation: >5mln

Anieke Lamers

Looking for: Enterprise mobility, eHealth, edTech, IoT, big data & innovative cloud based solutions | Participation: 500K - 2mln

Bart Verweij

Looking for: Startups in two broad technology sectors: Healthcare & ICT/New Media/FinTech | Participation: 1 mln - 30 mln

Corne Jansen

Looking for: Startups whose mission is to make an environmental and social impact | Participation: 50K-500K

Wouter van Westenbrugge

Looking for: Startups in most industries who would like to raise funding through equity crowdfunding | Participation: 10K-500K

Thierry Zois

Looking for: ICT, Software, IoT startups (Benelux) | Participation: Seed- and early-stage investing

Frank Appeldoorn

Looking for: IT & tech startups | Participation: 100K-800K

Bas Langelaar

Looking for: Logistics, transport and aviation startups | Participation: 200K - 1mln

Thijs Gitmans

Looking for: Startups in the Telecom & IT sector | Participation: 500K - 2,5mln

Herman Kienhuis

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