Program 2019 – Special Night Edition

23 September 2019 // Amsterdam

The match is on at Capital Tour by Night!

Our 7th and special edition happening on 23 September is called Capital Tour by Night. This time, the founders and (angel) investors will speed date to discover potential funding opportunities while exploring the Amsterdam bar scene. We will open up our network with the help of Giving founders the opportunity to create their personal ‘Tour de Funding’ and make meaningful connections with relevant investors. You can pack several months’ worth of meetings into one day.

[16:00 – 16:30] Welcome & Registration at Amsterdam Capital House

Together with all the founders, we kick-off the evening at Amsterdam Capital House! Connect with like-minded founders before you head off to meet investors.

[16:30 – 20:00] #TourdeFunding 

During Capital Tour by Night you’ll have the opportunity to create your own personal ‘Tour de Funding’ and have funding focused speed date sessions with (angel) investors around different bars in the city. Prior to the event, you’ll be able to connect with potential investors with the help of NetworkTables. On the platform, you’ll be able to connect with the participating investors and send a personal meeting request to the investors that you find to be a potential fit (and vice-versa). Only if the investors accept your meeting request(s), the meeting will take place at one of the selected bars in Amsterdam. Our team will assist in trying to find suitable matches based on your investment profile. Next to speeddate sessions you can also join several open roundtable discussions hosted by investors and funding experts.

Tip: Do your homework and figure out beforehand what you would like to ask the investors. You will only have one time to make a good impression!

[20:00-23:00] Closing drinks & startup confessions…

We’ll meet again and come together for some last speed date sessions and plenary closing program at a special location. Get ready for some serious ‘startup confessions’ and speakers. Amen!

Our Investors

Check out last years participating investors. These investors are all established Business Angels, VCs, Corporate Venture Funds and other finance wizards. 

More info about 2019 participating investors coming soon!

Looking for: Early stage companies - Marketplaces, security, online distribution models, and software

Thierry Zois

Looking for: ICT, Software, IoT startups (Benelux) | Participation: Seed- and early-stage investing

Sander Vonk

Looking for: Innovators in the technology (Fintech, Madtech and entertainment space | Participation: Angel Investor

Patrick Ryan

ājīva Ventures

Looking for: Early stage companies in FinTech, RegTech, Health/MedTech, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Enabling Tech, Commerce with B2B or B2B2C

Frank Appeldoorn

Looking for:

Renaldo Melkert

Looking for: Clean- & HighTech scale-up companies | Participation: Growth capital

Peter van Gelderen

Looking for: High-tech startups (Energy, Software, and Biotech) | Participation: Seed capital and business & operations management support

Jonathan Zwaan

Looking for: SaaS, Marketplaces & Data startups | Participation: Early stage | Investing: Smart capital & hands-on support

Johan van Mil

Looking for: IoT & online software startups | Participation: Invests with skills to build and grow companies.

Michael van Lier

Investors (angels) looking for: Startups in all kinds of industries | Participation: Early stage investing

Jaap Dekter

Looking for: Ambitious startups who would like to attract equity funding through crowdfunding | Participation: < 500K

Jeroen Bontje

Looking for: companies solving major social problems and making impact all around the world | Participation: <500k

Wouter van Westenbrugge

Looking for: Logistics, transport and aviation startups | Participation: 200K - 1mln

Thijs Gitmans

Looking for: Startups in the Telecom & IT sector | Participation: 500K - 2,5mln

Herman Kienhuis

Looking for: Early stage or expansion stage business technology companies concentrating on innovative business-to-business software.

Mathijs de Wit

Looking for: Early growth health & care startups | Participation: smart capital

Douwe Jippes

Looking for: Early stage focus on Healthcare-related and Technology related

Corne Jansen

Investors(angels) looking for: Startups in all industries who would like to raise funding through angels | Participation: Seed Investing

Rutger Kemper

Looking for: Outstanding teams, successful in selling a software product which facilitates the primary processes of other businesses. An initial niche is key: big enough for rapid scaling but small enough to become the worldwide number 1.

Floris van Alkemade

Looking for: New Media & Consumer, Business Services & Technology, Energy, Financial Services & Health Care | Participation: 500K - 1.5mln

Björn Risberg

Looking for: Health Care & Technology companies | Participation: 250K - 6mln

Robert van Leeuwen

Looking for: Early Growth and Growth internet technology companies

Britt Geerdink

Looking for: Talented entrepreneurs business models using online and smart technology, Post revenue, B2C and B2B2C

Constance Scholten

Looking for: IT and high-tech companies that want to and are able to grow, with a focus on software (SaaS) and managed services geared toward the business market. The company must have Dutch roots, and already have paying clients.

Willem van den Berg