Program 2018 – The Xclusive Edition

25 September 2018 // Amsterdam

The match is on at Capital Tour Xclusive!

This year we’re switching up the format! Focusing on facilitating more qualitative matches between startups & investors during the first Xclusive edition of Capital Tour XXL. On September 25th we are opening up our network with the help of, giving you the opportunity to share your startup and find connections with relevant leading investors that can help your business grow.


No match? don’t worry! The experts at Symbid will get you up to speed on how to speak to investors during a workshop. Grab your chance to meet relevant VCs at their office, have 1-on-1 sessions with angel investors, or join one of the several roundtable discussions hosted by investors & influencers from the startup funding ecosystem. This way you’re guaranteed to learn something new!


Ready to ride your ‘personal’ #tourdefunding this year?
Check out the program below.

[11: 30-13: 00] Kick-off @ Scheepvaart Museum Amsterdam

This year we’re kicking off the first Xclusive edition of Capital Tour XXL  where the entrepreneurial spirit all started, at the  Scheepvaart Museum Amsterdam ! Kickstart your day with other like-minded startups before you head off to meet investors. Do not miss out on the inspiring keynote and welcome speeches to pump you up for the day!

[13:00 – 16:00] #TourdeFunding along potential investors

Hop on your bike to visit the investor (s) who you find a match with. How does this work? Prior to the event, we will open up our network with the help of  NetworkTables. On their platform, you’ll be able to connect with the participating investors and send a personal meeting request to the investor that you find to be a potential fit (and vice-versa). Only if the investors accept your meeting request(s), the meeting will take place at the investor’s office in Amsterdam during the event.


In an intimate group setting, you will visit VCs at their office for a chance to connect and learn. No match? Don’t worry! You will automatically be registered for the “How to Get Funding” workshop by Symbid and learn from investors how you can prepare for your next meeting.


Tip: Do your homework and figure out beforehand what you would like to ask the investors. You will only have one time to make a good impression!

[16: 30-17: 30] 1-on-1 with Angel Investors & Roundtable Sessions @ QO Amsterdam

Together with all participating startups, we gather at QO Amsterdam. Here you’ll have the chance to meet 1-on-1 with angel investors during short interactions of 15 minutes per round.

Next, to the speed date sessions, you are also able to join several open round table discussions hosted by investors & influencers from the startup investment scene.


[17:30 – 19:30] Networking Drinks & Bites @ QO Amsterdam

This is your time to put to use what you learned on the tour. Follow up with the investors you’ve met during the day and get ready for some new introductions. Dive deeper with the investors and have those important conversations!

Previous Investors

Check out our previous participating investors. These investors are all established Business Angels, VCs, Corporate Venture Funds and other finance wizards. Stay tuned as we will announce the participating investors of the Xclusive edition soon! 

Be there, or be square!

Investors (angels) looking for: Startups in all kinds of industries | Participation: Early stage investing

Jaap Dekter

Looking for: Clean- & HighTech, Smart Industry, Safety & Security & Health startups | Participation: Early stage - Series A investing

Marty le Clercq

Looking for: Clean- & HighTech scale-up companies | Participation: Growth capital

Peter van Gelderen

Looking for: High-tech startups (Energy, Software, and Biotech) | Participation: Seed capital and business & operations management support

Jonathan Zwaan

Looking for: IoT & online software startups | Participation: Invests with skills to build and grow companies.

Michael van Lier

Investors(angels) looking for: Startups in all industries who would like to raise funding through angels | Participation: Seed Investing

Rutger Kemper

Looking for: SaaS, Marketplaces & Data startups | Participation: Early stage | Investing: Smart capital & hands-on support

Johan van Mil

Looking for: Academic spin-offs, startups and existing SMEs with disruptive innovations in South-Holland | Participation: < 300K risk capital

Luidina Hammer

Looking for: Logistics, transport and aviation startups | Participation: 200K - 1mln

Thijs Gitmans

Looking for: Startups in the Telecom & IT sector | Participation: 500K - 2,5mln

Herman Kienhuis

Looking for: Health, food & IT startups | Participation: Angel investment

Angel Investor

Mystery Angel

Looking for: Ambitious startups who would like to attract equity funding through crowdfunding | Participation: < 500K

Robin Slakhorst

Looking for: Startups in most industries who would like to raise funding through equity crowdfunding | Participation: 10K-500K

Thierry Zois

Looking for: ICT, Software, IoT startups (Benelux) | Participation: Seed- and early-stage investing

Frank Appeldoorn

Looking for: New Media & Consumer, Business Services & Technology, Energy, Financial Services & Health Care | Participation: 500K - 1.5mln

Björn Risberg

Looking for: Health Care & Technology companies | Participation: 250K - 6mln

Niels van Aalten

Looking for: Startups with solutions for a better world | Participation: Angel investment

Angel Investor

Mystery Angel

Looking for: Smart City companies developing digital solutions, especially for Smart Mobility, Smart Energy, Smart Buildings and Living.| Participation:

Antii Rantanen

Looking for: Scalable businesses | Participation:

Xander Heijman

Looking for: companies solving major social problems and improving the lifes of the citizens of Rotterdam | Participation: <2mln

Hidde Verkade

Looking for: Startups focused on food & agri, impact & energy | Participation: Seed capital

Timo Dammers

Infinite Group & Investorready

Looking for: Early growth health & care startups | Participation: smart capital

Douwe Jippes

Looking for: Startups created by bachelor, master, or PhD students from either the UT or Saxion, or students that have graduated max. 12months ago. | Participation: <50K

Jelle Kerkdijk

Looking for: Software B2B startups | Participation: 50k - 75k

Robbert van Geldrop

Looking for: Impactful business cases in the sectors: water, food, energy, mobility and health | Participation: Seed capital

Sanne Mylonas